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Grow your photo booth business

Website and Branding

Along side our complementary phone line for business inquiries we offer professional services in photo booth website and branding development. We have in-house developers who work with logos, content, and website development. It is beyond important to look modern and professional in order to get clients to rent your photo booth.

A clean and aesthetic appeal is most noticed in our opinion. There is great value in establishing your brand and separating yourself from the competition. When you start a photo booth business please keep in mind how essential that first impression is with your potential clients. Ask us about our services and remember with all purchases you get free professional photos of the booth to use for your marketing and advertising efforts.

Grow your business

With social media increasing in popularity, the average photo booth company grows in a linear fashion. As search inquires for wedding photo booths surpass those for wedding DJ, these fun machines are literally becoming a staple for most events. Be a part of this rising industry and start your photo booth company with us!

Organize and automate

Who says a “side job” needs to take up much of your side time anyways? We’ve streamlined the process of establishing yourself as a business by learning from our own mistakes. It is not very difficult to automate certain components of your business. When you start a photo booth business there will be much required of you. After time once you start to double-book certain dates you’ll realize it’s not so hard to get others to do the work for you. At our home rental site we have 15 employees and rent up to 30 photo booths per week during wedding season. The beautiful part: only 4-5 hours are spent per week on maintenance.

Are you ready to start your photo booth business?